N. Richard

“Sound Limbs Orthotics & Prosthetics helped me get my mobility back. I was going on my seventh year with a pair of prosthetics that I would not wear if I didn’t have to because of pain. I walked everyday with a limp. Sound Limbs listened and tried something...

A Mom and Nurse Practitioner

“I thought Mr. Park was absolutely wonderful! As a Nurse Practitioner, I will absolutely recommend Sound Limbs to patients who may benefit from their services. Thank you for the excellent care that my daughter received!”

A Student

“As a college student I would like to thank Sound Limbs and everyone else for their assistance and flexibility in my treatment and scheduling. You were all very accommodating and helpful. Thank you!”

H. Davis

“From my very first visit to Sound Limbs, the care I have received has been professional and caring. I went from limping and not being able to fully use my right foot to a full return of my daily running schedule. The orthotics that Mr. Park created for me along with...

L. Bowie

“When my doctor referred me to Sound Limbs for a leg brace I must say I was skeptical at first. However, since I was falling all of the time I agreed to have one custom made for me at Sound Limbs. I’ve been wearing the brace for five years now and...