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For over two decades, Sound Limbs Orthotics has been dedicated to providing customized, high-quality orthotics to patients with a range of needs. The specialists at Sound Limbs design devices for patients ranging from infants to the elderly, and we strive to develop the most appropriate treatment plan for your orthotic care needs.

Sound Limbs is co-owned by Roger and Elizabeth Park.

President Roger Park is a Board-Certified Orthotist who has practiced in the field of orthotics since 1991. He has served the Lewiston/Auburn and Western Maine region since 1979. Roger earned his certification from the American Board of Certification in 1990, having completed Northwestern University Medical School’s Graduate Orthotic Certificate Program in 1989. Park holds an M.S. and a B.S. both from Springfield College. He specializes in spinal bracing for patients who suffer from scoliosis and sports trauma as well as lower extremity and foot pain.

Park also served as a board member for the Maine Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, Health, and Wellness. He brings over 33 years of experience in the fields of orthotics, athletic training and education to his work with Sound Limbs’ patients. Understanding that no two patients are like, Park pays exceptional attention to individual patients and develops effective customized solutions for each of them. His abiding goal is simply to enhance the health and capabilities of Maine citizens.

Co-owner Elizabeth Park is Operations Manager at Sound Limbs. She has served the company since its founding in 1991, answering telephones, assisting other staff, and managing day-to-day needs of the business. An integral part of the team, Elizabeth has overseen all departments within Sound Limbs and has been responsible for managing accounts payable. In addition to bringing 30 years of experience in working with the public, she brings to Sound Limbs a love of people and tremendous desire to serve. Fun fact – Elizabeth recently completed her master’s degree in pastoral care and counseling and is training to become a hospital chaplain.
We will work closely with you, your physician, and your physical therapist by maintaining open lines of communication. We gladly work closely with the doctors and physical therapists in the communities that we serve.

If you’re in need of a certified orthotist, learn more about Sound Limbs’ services by contacting us today at (207) 784-4345.

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