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High-Quality Custom Foot Orthotics

The treatment process begins with a biomechanical evaluation to better understand an individual’s gait, posture, muscle strength, and range of joint motion. This helps us to appropriately design and fit a suitable device. We are dedicated to our patients and aim to help you with your mobility and comfort.

In addition, Sound Limbs offers a Sports Medicine consulting service for fitness programs and sports coverage.

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About Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are commonly utilized in the treatment of lower extremity pain syndromes such as plantar fascitis, shin splints, patellar dysfunction, trochanteric bursitis of the hip, and low back pain.

Foot orthotics are usually effective in addressing biomechanical abnormalities of the foot that affects limb and pelvic function above. Foot orthotics alone will not address issues such as muscular inflexibilities, obesity, improper footwear and failure to follow a physician’s plan of physical therapy, rest and medication.

Sound Limbs orthotics are custom-made to fit in most lace-up shoe systems. Closed vamp systems such as a loafer or dress pump are not compatible and furthermore, will not provide you with the stability required for your condition. Naturally, it will be helpful for you to appear at delivery time with a sturdy, well-built lace-up shoe (low or high top) so that you can try on your new foot orthotics for fit and comfort in our office.

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